sangha harvest party

  our outdoor practice season has come to a close, and it could not have been a more beautiful fall day! the abundance was overflowing: a feast of homemade goodies and raided-refrigerator treats, plenty of laughter, a reflection on how each of us is connected and all the overlapping threads we share, and crafting the harvest…

Elder Wisdom: Ruby Sales | On Being with Krista Tippett

Terence Crutcher. Another innocent, unarmed black man was assasinated. Unarmed. In need of help. In the middle of the highway. Gunned down. On film. Demonized for simply existing. By another white cop. Real talk: I don’t have enough skillfulness to see beyond the savagery of this act. The savagery of white cops who are authorized…

words to live by | alice walker

Expect nothing. Live frugally On surprise. Become a stranger To need of pity Or, if compassion be freely Given out Take only enough Stop short of urge to plead Then purge away the need. Wish for nothing larger Than your own small heart Or greater than a star; Tame wild disappointment With caress unmoved and…

words to live by

this pearl of wisdom was one of the most life-changing experiments my 20-something-year old self could have ever dared to undertake!

spirituality, social justice + healing spaces

 bookends to my summer: two radical events steeped in activism, equity + healing. drawn into these moments by either an endorsement or invitation from dear friends — i arrived without expectation, holding the intention to be present + open-hearted. i departed: aligned, affirmed + inspired. fully nourished, energized + equipped to continue the good work….