on the dharma shelf | december 2017

radical bodhicitta

Image result for quotation marksIn our very bodies, hearts, and minds we are programmed to be in relationship and community together.

Breaking together means, when community gets tough, we can feel how much difficulty, pain, and suffering there is in the community. We break together because none of us wishes to add one more drop of suffering to this world that already suffer so greatly. And we break together to continue, from the sum of our individual selves, to create a larger whole that all of us can be a part of and contribute to — a larger whole whose only destiny is evolution, becoming ever more fully human.

In this way, we aspire toward freedom in the mist of the many forms of suffering, in the mist of the first noble truth. We may not be able to become fully awake in this lifetime. We may not be able to create a perfect…

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