body awareness bootcamp


Go Deep to Come Home
and Cultivate the Foundations of Mindfulness
in Body, Breath, Heart + Mind.

Body Awareness Bootcamp is an interactive and intensive self-care workshop that cultivates “360° awareness” of the body through movement, mindfulness and meditation.

Practitioners will be introduced to foundational practices in mindfulness to awaken self-compassion and skillful understanding of the relationship between body, breath, mind and environment.

Close attention is given to postural alignment, stability, and mobility in order to relieve tension and develop balance, strength and efficiency of movement.

We will learn to cultivate the voice of self-compassion while nurturing ourselves through injury, illness and the ever-present changes of our bodies.

The emphasis is on restorative sequences, which may gently and gradually progress toward more dynamic movements.

Group discussion and observational journaling will support the practice.