the spaces in our togetherness

It’s the second day of Spring, friends! Under ordinary conditions,we’d be inspired into all manner of group outings and activities. But we’re now 7+ days into our collective practice ofsocial/physical distancing to flatten the curve of this new virus,which has demanded a change in how we connectand created a SURGE in our virtual communications. These…


Hope y’all are feeling loved, seen, heard, felt, understood, cared for + supported!

the unforced rhythms of grace

Immensely grateful for the experiences and learnings that steered me to wrap myself up and rest in this wisdom as I approached the new year. Abundantly blessed by all the experiences and learnings that have unfolded since. Clarity. Ease. Holy Listening. Awe. These have been the gifts of aligning in the unforced rhythms of Grace….

winter solstice blessings

Happy Winter Solstice + Full Moon Eve, Dear Ones! For me, it is a time to rest, reflect and enjoy a balance of solitude and authentic connection. In whatever ways you observe, participate in, reframe or abstain from the festivities of this season, may you honor that which has heart and deepest meaning for you….

mourning, remembrance + appreciation

A dear friend sent this song to me the other day and, given all that we are holding in this week of mourning, remembrance and appreciation, it feels like timely medicine. May it help ground, center and fortify you in the face of any static you may encounter. #HowWeSunday Join Sangha for “Post-Holiday” Refuge +…

reclaiming rest

Naps on naps on naps! In this season of soul-tending, I’ve been relishing a slower pace and a quieter schedule where I can rest in the mundane. A key part in spinning down from the fullness of activities in previous months has been to recognize and accept that everyday doesn’t have to be purposeful or…

embodying resistance

i am an open heart — strong, free, full and clear as the bell itself. i am soft-flexed knees, gravity centered and recaliberated, surfboard-steady and supple to ride the waves of challenge and change. turning away from that which seeks to diminish, defeat or undo me — i protect my borders, restore breaches, preserve the…

embodying refuge

i am a dwelling place of spirit, hope, healing and possibility. a resting place for doubt, grief, fear, uncertainty, worry, frustration, disappointment and anger to be aired out with breath and tender patience. an abiding of body, heart and mind in joy, equanimity, compassion, transformative love and freedom. a sacred space.

new moon meditation | trusting your process

This. Right. Here?! So on time for this season of transitions and ascensions. Trust the process and who you’ll be and what you’ll see on the other side of it. “whatever you are struggling with, whatever feels heavy and hard to hold, remind yourself that there is something sacred about the way you are learning…

embodied prayer | transforming the heart

Through our collective musing last Sunday, it became clear to me that “Transformative Love” is the energy that changes the shape of our hearts and minds. As I become more and more of who I am — and something new — I am contemplating the question: What does this look, sound, feel and act like…