an invitation to reimagine

I’m receiving these reframings from Benjamin Henretig as a beautiful invitation to ground and support us in tending to our fears, anxiety and grief. May we find some peace, release (cry, scream, move energy through our bodies), relief, rest and wellness through this madness. 🙏🏾💜   Image Description: A list with the heading “Five Creative…

the spaces in our togetherness

It’s the second day of Spring, friends! Under ordinary conditions,we’d be inspired into all manner of group outings and activities. But we’re now 7+ days into our collective practice ofsocial/physical distancing to flatten the curve of this new virus,which has demanded a change in how we connectand created a SURGE in our virtual communications. These…

the grace of awareness

From Transformative Love to Taking Ourselves As the Object of Love, Sangha’s inquiry and discernment came full circle in 2018. During our final practices in December, we reflected on our year of learning together, naming what we felt inspired to rededicate ourselves to individually and what we collectively felt drawn to study in the season ahead….

the unforced rhythms of grace

Immensely grateful for the experiences and learnings that steered me to wrap myself up and rest in this wisdom as I approached the new year. Abundantly blessed by all the experiences and learnings that have unfolded since. Clarity. Ease. Holy Listening. Awe. These have been the gifts of aligning in the unforced rhythms of Grace….


— read at the interfaith thanksgiving service on 19 november 2018 — Inviting of the Bell — The sound of the bell is an invitation to inhabit body, heart and spirit with full and loving awareness. [Sounding of the Bell x 3]   Be Aware of the Earth that Supports You — May we remember and…

mourning, remembrance + appreciation

A dear friend sent this song to me the other day and, given all that we are holding in this week of mourning, remembrance and appreciation, it feels like timely medicine. May it help ground, center and fortify you in the face of any static you may encounter. #HowWeSunday Join Sangha for “Post-Holiday” Refuge +…

embodying radical self-expression

i am fierce, flawed, fragile, fear-facing and, above all, free. a decolonized mind, tearing down false refuges + unhooking from the iron yoke of twisted mores that decree how to love, learn, worship, succeed. a liberated soul, living into the sacred — on spirit’s clock, wisdom’s rhythm + body’s intuition. a rebel heart, pumping joy…

embodying resilience

i am lungs springing back oxgenated, fueled and aflamed to burn off toxins and tensions. the softening fist, fingers extending in a mudra of receptivity. emerging grace, wobbly-kneed and raw-skinned soles finding its footing, rebounding from stumbles, rising from falls. the heart willing (sometimes wavering), nevertheless ready to face the tenderness of being alive.

embodying resistance

i am an open heart — strong, free, full and clear as the bell itself. i am soft-flexed knees, gravity centered and recaliberated, surfboard-steady and supple to ride the waves of challenge and change. turning away from that which seeks to diminish, defeat or undo me — i protect my borders, restore breaches, preserve the…

embodying refuge

i am a dwelling place of spirit, hope, healing and possibility. a resting place for doubt, grief, fear, uncertainty, worry, frustration, disappointment and anger to be aired out with breath and tender patience. an abiding of body, heart and mind in joy, equanimity, compassion, transformative love and freedom. a sacred space.