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As a community of refuge and resistance, 3 Jewels Yoga is committed to organizing and participating in community-based dialogues and programs that inspire us: to honor and celebrate our wholeness — the common humanity we share and the multiplicities we embody; to build our capacity for skillful understanding that incites compassionate action; to tap into collective wisdom and harness collaborative powers to create sustainable changes that promote inclusion, cultural competency, respect, equity, and justice on all levels — racial, gender, social, environmental, economic, health and political.

All are welcome to bridge the gaps, dissolve barriers, nourish compassion, skillful understanding and authentic connection to widen the circle of wellness in our community!


Check back for the 2017 program schedule!




In the summer of 2014 I was invited to become a collaborator for the MSU Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiative’s Project 60/50 and hosted two community conversations on topics that are close to my heart — mindfulness and mental health awareness.

It allowed me to cultivate in the public sphere the seeds of trust, safety and deep listening that we nourish in the sacred space of sangha. This rich exchange of experiences, ideas, and wisdom will continue in the new year with the merging of my #wholyhappyhour gatherings (which began as a social hour for my friends to have real talk, over nips and nosh, about matters of heart and spirit) and the Toward Wholeness discussion that explored race, faith and gender matters in mental health.






SATURDAY 18 JUNE 2016 | presenter + teacher ~ healing justice practice session: body positivity meditation
18th Annual Allied Media Conference @ Wayne State University – Detroit
post-script | interview with MIT CoLab Radio ~ How To Awaken Self-Compassion Through Meditation


pma event

SATURDAY 2 MAY 2015 | guest teacher ~ inviting mindfulness‬
Perinatal Mood Awareness + Mothers’ Appreciation Day organized by Kersten Kimmerly in coordination with the MI Perinatal Mood Disorder Coalition + the Shades of Motherhood PMD Support Group.
Hosted @ Heartdance Studio



SUNDAY 29 MARCH 2015 | host + facilitator
toward wholeness | conversations on identity + spirituality, mental health + wellness
special topic: Zenju’s The Way of Tenderness
Hosted @ Heartdance Studio



TUESDAY 24 MARCH 2015 | panelist
Navigating Faith ~ a discussion on spirituality + work
Livestream: MSU Alumni LENS LIVE
postscript | blog ~ Navigating Faith Q&A


 Melissa TWWA Poster Social Media

THURSDAY 19 FEBRUARY  2015 | guest speaker + facilitator ~ reconciling with our bodies
Conversation + Q&A with models of The Women We Are
Hosted @ AA Creative Corridor


WEDNESDAY 4 FEBRUARY  2015 | host + facilitator
toward wholeness | conversations on identity, spirituality, mental health + wellness
Hosted @ Heartdance Studio

FALL 2014