mission + intention



3 Jewels Yoga was founded with the intention of cultivating and nourishing beloved community through movement, mindfulness and meditation. This Sangha has evolved into a contemplative community of refuge, resistance, resilience for good spiritual friends — people of faith, spirit and wonder — who seek to embody justice, liberation and healing by honoring and investing in each other’s wholeness, freedom and radical self-expression.

Blossoming from that original seed, its mission is to:

widen circles of compassion and authentic connection;

create a safe(r), sacred, transformative and inclusive healing space for all bodies;

foster skillful understanding and promote respect for our common humanity and the multitudes we contain;

help dissolve barriers within ourselves as well as those existing between us as humans of different abilities, generations, cultures, spiritual traditions, gender and sexual identities, and life stages;

encourage, support, and facilitate the cultivation of resilience, spiritual self-care, skillfulness, and reconciliation;

be a beacon of light and a refuge for those who seek good spiritual friends on the journey toward wholeness, freedom, and well-being.