private study

Spiritual Inquiry. Discernment. Accountability. Direction.

With a focus on transformative listening through meditation, inquiry, embodied self awareness and other contemplative practices, I design private sessions to be a collaborative teaching-learning experience between the practitioner and facilitator.

Private study is ideal for practitioners who desire one-with-one support to:

  • Establish accountability with beginning, sustaining, or transforming their practice.
  • Identify spiritual values, deepen their inquiry, and develop their spiritual faculties.
  • Explore the depth and breadth of a specific area of their spiritual life.

Given the trust and vulnerability involved in spiritual inquiry and guidance, priority in arranging 1-with-1 sessions goes to established practitioners. Before considering private study, prospective directees may book a 30-minute phone consultation for $15.

Established Directees:

In-Person* | $75 for 70 minutes

Video Session | $55 for 50 minutes

Prospective/First-Time Directees:

Phone Consultation | $15 for 30 minutes

*Bookings for In-Person Private Study Sessions
must be within 5 miles of South Lansing and are only offered October – May.

For additional rates, contact 3 Jewels Yoga.


I am called to this practice to serve. Restoring our community to wholeness is my commitment to skillful livelihood and also the way I sustain myself financially. I also wish to make it accessible for those who would otherwise find it a hardship to pay the full rate. If you have a need for a sliding scale rate, please do not hesitate to contact me to explore available options.

Practitioners who are able pay at the posted session rates make it possible for me to widen the invitation to others.