winter solstice blessings

Happy Winter Solstice + Full Moon Eve, Dear Ones! For me, it is a time to rest, reflect and enjoy a balance of solitude and authentic connection. In whatever ways you observe, participate in, reframe or abstain from the festivities of this season, may you honor that which has heart and deepest meaning for you….

woman horizontal | bless it all

the blessing of breath + loving awareness has centered + restored me in body, heart + mind. the blessing of acknowledgement + appreciation for all parts of my journey — shadow + sunshine — has enabled me to celebrate both my progress + the possibilities for continued evolution. the blessing of honoring the lessons, opportunities…

Ushering In 2016

May we and all beings experience deep joy, lasting ease, and abundant freedom in this first celebration of the new year!       _______________ 3 Jewels Yoga Sangha’s Winter Immersion Series begins Sunday, January 10. View the Schedule for a full list of dates.