winter solstice blessings

Happy Winter Solstice + Full Moon Eve, Dear Ones! For me, it is a time to rest, reflect and enjoy a balance of solitude and authentic connection. In whatever ways you observe, participate in, reframe or abstain from the festivities of this season, may you honor that which has heart and deepest meaning for you….

reclaiming rest

Naps on naps on naps! In this season of soul-tending, I’ve been relishing a slower pace and a quieter schedule where I can rest in the mundane. A key part in spinning down from the fullness of activities in previous months has been to recognize and accept that everyday doesn’t have to be purposeful or…

embodying radical self-expression

i am fierce, flawed, fragile, fear-facing and, above all, free. a decolonized mind, tearing down false refuges + unhooking from the iron yoke of twisted mores that decree how to love, learn, worship, succeed. a liberated soul, living into the sacred — on spirit’s clock, wisdom’s rhythm + body’s intuition. a rebel heart, pumping joy…

embodying resilience

i am lungs springing back oxgenated, fueled and aflamed to burn off toxins and tensions. the softening fist, fingers extending in a mudra of receptivity. emerging grace, wobbly-kneed and raw-skinned soles finding its footing, rebounding from stumbles, rising from falls. the heart willing (sometimes wavering), nevertheless ready to face the tenderness of being alive.

embodying resistance

i am an open heart — strong, free, full and clear as the bell itself. i am soft-flexed knees, gravity centered and recaliberated, surfboard-steady and supple to ride the waves of challenge and change. turning away from that which seeks to diminish, defeat or undo me — i protect my borders, restore breaches, preserve the…

embodying refuge

i am a dwelling place of spirit, hope, healing and possibility. a resting place for doubt, grief, fear, uncertainty, worry, frustration, disappointment and anger to be aired out with breath and tender patience. an abiding of body, heart and mind in joy, equanimity, compassion, transformative love and freedom. a sacred space.

refuge, resistance, resilience + radical self-expression

“The Sangha is an island of peace. The Sangha is a community of resistance against violence, hate and despair.”  — Thich Nhat Hanh These words of my root teacher Thây live at the core of our sangha’s suchness. They have shaped our evolution into a community of spiritual friends who find sanctuary in journeying together…

woman horizontal | tonglen in four parts

today, the exhale was the hardest. a trust fall in giving and taking —precious tears and shadowed fears, irrupted hopes and radical imaginings — into a world that cannot hold them gently. where supple lungs now resist the inhale, constricting to protect me from inviting in a swirl of noxious fumes (engineered to smother epiphanous dreams…

woman horizontal | elder song

i hear the mothers whisper-chant: do not abandon yourself, dear one. blending with the harmonies of grandmothers singing: seek refuge in the dance between heartbeat and breath. buoyed by the infinite canon of their prayer-magic, i have trusted myself into love, loved myself into healing, healed myself into death and rebirth, becoming more and more of myself,…

woman horizontal | cardinal points

energy. essence. force. flow. source. light. manifold. immanent. continuous. creative. destructive. indestructible. enveloping. inculcating. infinite. unknowable. intuitive. interdependent. heart. guide. compass. core. all that is.