woman horizontal | elder song

i hear the mothers whisper-chant: do not abandon yourself, dear one. blending with the harmonies of grandmothers singing: seek refuge in the dance between heartbeat and breath. buoyed by the infinite canon of their prayer-magic, i have trusted myself into love, loved myself into healing, healed myself into death and rebirth, becoming more and more of myself,…

woman horizontal | cardinal points

energy. essence. force. flow. source. light. manifold. immanent. continuous. creative. destructive. indestructible. enveloping. inculcating. infinite. unknowable. intuitive. interdependent. heart. guide. compass. core. all that is.       

woman horizontal | indwelling

  brave is in your spine. peace in your center. grace is in your heart.  — t.scott-miller  for + inspired by k.r  

restoring memory

On this Sunday without Sangha, a memory from last year (27 Nov 2015 — the day after Thanksgiving) popped up on my Facebook newsfeed. A verse inspired by a beloved park trail where I’ve logged countless miles in a walking-running-praying meditation and, a hundred times over, awakened curiosity and understanding and mapped pathways toward reconciliation….

woman horizontal | the sound of him

he wakes whistling, thrilled by the zipping wind he conjures and reshapes into sharps and flats snaps a crisp unpatterned rhythm with supple-skinned thumb and middle finger (wiped dry between refrains) flickering his wrist for triumphant emphasis mutters a play-by-play commentary to an imagined audience of rapt gamers punctuated with shrieks, chides, wails and groans…

woman horizontal | how naked the heart

how naked the heart when anointed for communion transparent as skeleton leaf veins quaking sepia-tinged curiosity flexed impulse relaxing between Whys and Whats and Who Do Yous where it embraces all and becomes tethered by the long gaze, unwavering and tender held there, ambient love soaks through gossamer-laced capillaries and this aesthete, quickening with meaty delight, is transmuted into a…

woman horizontal | exhuming the empath

inspired by the indigenous navajo creatix spiderwoman, woman horizontal is a close-to-the-heart project that has held different shapes over many years. still an emerging work-in-process, below is one piece from my “pilgrimage of verse, image, and sound.”   in sanctuary, in pulp woven + pressed then printed, i found her waiting for me she sang me in…