embodied practice [7/5]: walking in freedom

This Sunday, we will walk in freedom and dedicate the merit of our practice to those who relentlessly pursue, speak out, and fight for the RIGHTS of all to LIVE + LOVE FREELY. #‎LoveWins‬ Join us at Moores Park Labyrinth | 11 am – 12 pm.

touching the earth: spring revival

whipping wind, conductor and choreographer. snow-bleached leaves lifted from the composting bed into a swirling tornado ballet. brittle and brown — some cracked with lacy veins of decomposition, some waxy-smooth and preserved. all, frenzied and alive. reanimated to dance upon the whistling breeze.

good spiritual friends: walking the path together

When a fellow member of my running group shared this image and quote with us all, I was “AUM-ing” and “AMEN-ing” at the simple truth of this message. The 8 miles I logged this morning in the company of friends made every step easier. Laughter, insights, wise counsel and encouragement filled every moment of our…

big sky mind: a constellation of mindfulness

from the observer, seemingly versed in the nature of the cosmos: looking down from on high, we were moving like a constellation. indeed. the energy of mindfulness has gravity. compassion, a palpable magnetism. the suchness of sangha generates an abiding + nourishing peace.

embodied practice: walking the labyrinth

we meet to walk in silent contemplation of earth, cooling our feet of air, tickling our skin of water, rushing as sound + current to dampen our ears of sun, blazing warm on head + hearts we spiral in + quietly in stepping breathing cleansing clearing sorting settling centering our awareness on new beginnings, grace, gratitude,…