the mindfulness + meditation

As with its movement-based programs, 3 Jewels Yoga offers mindfulness meditation practices–interfaith community meditation and special workshops–in accordance with each season.


In Fall + Winter, 3 Jewels Yoga Sangha (“community”) meets on select Sundays for sitting meditation + dharma discussion at Heartdance Studio. 


On select Sundays during the Spring + Summer, 3 Jewels Yoga Sangha hosts an outdoor walking meditation at Moores Park. 

Visit the Schedule page for upcoming dates and 3 Jewels Yoga on Facebook for up-to-the-moment announcements. 


Inviting Mindfulness: a movement + mindfulness + meditation series takes a simple, “mellow out” approach to the practice of meditation, making it more accessible for beginning practitioners: steady breath, steady mind, steady body. Combining movement (posture) and guided meditation with segments of silent practice, practitioners will learn to cultivate and sustain the gentle and relaxed moment-to-moment, non-judgmental, non-reactive awareness that defines mindfulness. Instruction is given for breathing/relaxation techniques as well as meditation postures with modifications to suit the individual. | Past workshops: ‘Living the Meditation When Sitting Is Not An Option‘; The Heart At Rest’ ; Beginning Anew |

Visit the Special Events page for upcoming workshops.

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