Nurturing + studying the self
through the art + science of posture + breath

Moving in the spirit of self-understanding + love
Walking with grace through each moment



Accepting, embracing, resting
in present moment awareness

Practicing skillfulness
in thought, word, intention + deed


Developing steadiness + ease
in body, breath, heart + mind

Cultivating these qualities
whether sitting, standing, walking or lying down
in every activity + in each living moment


The journey of self-discovery is the most fascinating and rewarding adventure that we can ever take.  3 Jewels Yoga invites practitioners to experience movement, mindfulness and meditation as a vehicles that guide us to a deeper understanding of ourselves.

It brings us into harmony—body, heart, mind and spirit—with the world around us.

The asana (postures) are models for living and meaningful movement can awaken a vivid sense of well-being. Each twist, backbend, inversion and forward fold gives us a new vantage point from which to view ourselves and others. Moving through mindfully-crafted sequences, we may contemplate how to embrace change and make transitions in our daily lives.

Our breath teaches us to expand and to surrender. Through each inhalation, we create space to receive the understanding and strength to nurture our tender places, refine our choices, and to begin anew. Through each exhalation, we learn to relax our efforts, embrace our depths, ground and preserve our energy, and release tension. Becoming conscious of the gentle pause between each breath helps us cultivate balance and equanimity.

As we learn to mindfully link our breath with every action, we become empowered to trust and listen closely to the wisdom of our bodies. In the absence of all other tools, the breath is an innate reminder to abide gracefully in present-moment awareness. We learn to see the world with eyes of compassion, to honor the lessons of the past, to trust the promise of the future, and to celebrate the gift of the present.

 These 3 precious jewels — movement, mindfulness and meditation — are the foundation for fostering compassion, skillful understanding, and authentic connection within ourselves and with others.