blaze your own trail to wellness.
illuminate your path to self-understanding.
discover the juice + joy  in meaningful movement.
#WalkRunShine #SoleToSoul

TrailBlazers is a dynamic embodied meditation that integrates the foundations of mindfulness with functional movements to tap into the restorative and meditative aspects of walking/running to condition body, mind, and spirit!

In this special program, participants will:

  • Develop body and breath awareness. Learn mindfulness techniques to deepen concentration and relaxation for ease of movement.
  • Learn about body mechanics. Improve postural alignment and efficiency of movement. Build strength, stability, flexibility and stamina.
  • Gradually increase duration (length/distance) and intensity (speed) while minimizing injury.


Based on private lesson format.

Individual private lessons can be arranged for all levels and for those recovering from injury or in need of other accommodations.

Beginners-Only group sessions are suitable for participants who are comfortable walking above a leisurely, non-aerobic strolling pace (18+ minutes/mile) and may have not yet exceeded walking 1 mile.

Mixed-Level group sessions are suitable for participants who have a regular walking or running practice and are able (or have been gradually training) to sustain a moderate walking pace (15-17 minutes/mile) or who are comfortable walking/running more than 1 mile.


To receive an enrollment form, email with subject line: TrailBlazers Registration.